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This past week, I had the pleasure of being in New York City amongst six of the world’s most innovative small companies.  We shared a common bond as integrator resellers of Persistent Systems, LLC.   All are focused on defense, albeit in different geographies and all with a variation of market focus.  By the end of the week, we all took away a higher regard for Persistent Systems, LLC, and their outlook on enhancement of an already outstanding product set.

It cannot be understated how great Persistent’s products are and the value they bring to users.  Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, more commonly called MANET, is the holy grail of wireless communications.  Persistent has distilled MANET into a handheld radio with the ease and simplicity of a ‘wireless wire.’ Whatever goes into the radio, goes out everywhere on the network of nodes that make up the MANET.  Users can tether mobile computers, cameras and sensors to the nodes to exchange video feeds, positional data, and, with the push of a button, voice to everyone on the network.

The MANET forms automatically, routes data fast, and can grow and shrink as users move in and out of radio range. All of this happens without a central point of control.  Setup is easy. Security is AES256 provided via Suite B encryption algorithms. Configuration can be set up on a single radio, and pushed out over the air to the rest of the radios, and voile! You are good to go.

The growth of data usage will never decline. In fact, across the board, the rate of growth is actually increasing – the slope of the line increases at a faster and faster rate.  The same increase is happening with our warfighters who gain significant advantage in using data more effectively.  Voice, video, radio, and sensors are all translated into IP, dispersed to the tactical operation centers, relayed via satellite back to locations where those in powerful places eavesdrop on the most sensitive operations.

At MissionMobility we are bridging the gap between fixed base communication equipment that has traditionally been brought into austere environments and the MANET capability of Persistent Systems, LLC in order to drive voice, video and data to the tactical edge.  This is embodied in our M: Spectre Radio  which provides routing, computation and MANET in a tiny tactical appliance.  Those that see this future are benefiting from these capabilities today, and so can you.


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