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Wish you and your team had faster connections in the field?  So did our customers, so we figured out a way to deliver.

Using UDP protocols in a unique way, we free up bandwidth needed for streaming services allowing faster communications.  Switching Internet protocols drastically boosts the speed at which Internet communications occur which leads to a drastic increase in performance.

What about hackers? Using such a fast paced Internet protocol seems like it would open it up to hacking, right? Wrong.  In the guts of this new solution, is a Home Agent device. It is an integral part of an elaborate data monitoring system able to provide and improve the necessary security that the Internet protocol is typically expected to do. This means we can use a different and faster internet protocol at no cost to security.  In this scenario, using a single port means better Firewall performance because the system is less vulnerable and has less overhead.

Secure tunnel establishment from a mobile user to a legacy gateway takes 30 seconds on a good day, and more typically you are looking at from one to three minutes. Doesn’t sound like a long time until a General is giving you the eye, or much worse, a tactical team finds itself in a surprise firefight and needs backup.  To prevent these wait times, we divide tunnel establishment procedures onto multiple devices on the Gateway so each device does less work. This decreases the time it takes to establish your connection allowing you to get back to communicating critical info. With our solution, tunnel establishment literally takes milliseconds. Even when connecting over a high latency signal like satellite, tunnel establishment time never takes longer than nine seconds (given optimum sat connection).

The division of work in a MissionMobility configured mobile comms architecture ultimately conquers slow performance giving you the ability to establish comms and communicate faster – and your data is more secure than it is has ever been.

MissionMobility’s Mobile IP solutions lead to a boost in performance.   

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