Modular and Lightweight Communication Systems

Do you need a communication system that easily expands to support more users, without requiring a lot of extra, heavy equipment?

With Mission Mobility’s modular, scalable, and lightweight communication systems, you can easily extend to more users without drastically increasing your equipment footprint.

The modular architecture of Mission Mobility’s communication systems provide scalability to support more users, ranging from small to large teams (up to 80+ users). Plus, each enclave can be expanded to meet higher user demand. Certain network modules have a small form factor, are interoperable, and can be stacked for a limited footprint. In addition, flexible case/packaging options simplify transport, set up, and break down of equipment. We integrate numerous leading-edge technology components in our small, lightweight hardware network solutions that optimize space and power consumption to make travel and storage easy for our customers. The elite scalability, interoperability, and size, weight and power (SWaP) combination of our communication systems eliminates the need for extra, heavy equipment and peripheral devices.

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