A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a continuously self-configuring, infrastructure-less network of mobile routers connected by wireless links.

Each device or node in a MANET is free to move independently in any direction, and will therefore change its links to other devices frequently. Each must forward traffic unrelated to its own use, and therefore be a router. The primary challenge in building a MANET is equipping each device to continuously maintain the information required to properly route traffic. Such networks may operate by themselves or may be connected to other networks such as the public Internet. They may contain one or multiple and different transceivers between nodes. This results in a highly dynamic, autonomous topology.

MANETs are a kind of Wireless ad hoc network that usually has a routable networking environment on top of a Link Layer ad hoc network. MANETs consist of a peer-to-peer, self-forming, self-healing network. MANETs circa 2000-2015 typically communicate at radio frequencies (30 MHz – 5 GHz).

Source: Wikipedia

MANET Benefits:

  • Can be used anytime, anywhere with limited or no communication infrastructure
  • Easy to use when traveling because portable computing, whether on a laptop or smart phone, can be used to access the Web
  • Development of self-organizing network decreases the communication cost
  • Self-configuring nodes are also routers
  • Scalability incorporates the addition of more nodes
  • Lower set-up costs due to decentralized administration

Application examples:

  • Military-teams currently use MANET to maintain an information network that connects soldiers in the battlefield, vehicles, and headquarters.
  • Disaster relief during an emergency situation-network infrastructure is down or non-existent, so a MANET is set up via a self-arranging, infrastructure-less network of mobile devices communicated through wireless links

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