Mission Mobility’s Mobile IP Network Solution

Implementing Mobile Internet Protocol (Mobile IP) architecture allows communicators and end users to experience significant improvement in the quality, reliability, and cost associated with operating a mobile communications network node. Mobile IP enables mobile communication systems to move seamlessly between backhaul WAN mediums (Wi-Fi, radio, cellular, satellite) and provides proactive and reactive link management through a pre-programmed hierarchy. In other words, automatic WAN failover prevents data and communication loss due to a seamless transfer between WAN mediums. If one link goes down or is not operating at maximum efficiency, then intelligent auto WAN failover technology quickly switches (proactively or reactively) to the optimal link without user intervention.

Transitioning to Mobile IP architecture has been a “game changer” for those organizations that have put it in place because it creates significant system-wide quality, reliability, and performance with the ability to proactively balance link quality with link cost. To enable Mobile IP, a home agent router is installed at the gateway and a Mission:Mobility Network Engineer re-configures the software installed on each mobile network node system.

When implemented at gateways, Mobile IP allows automatic failover between gateways. To enable gateway failover in a multi-gateway architecture, a GRE/HAIPE router is installed at each gateway allowing up to 16 gateways to failover to one another and connect to each mobile node.


  • Increased service delivery via simultaneous, multiple backhaul WAN mediums without user intervention and management time
  • Automatic WAN failover without traffic and data loss, whether it is the WAN, LAN or Gateway that causes the drop in service
  • Tunnel establishment 500x faster than current systems (in milliseconds)
  • Significant decrease in the occurrence of lost communications due to “black holes”
  • Increases the ability to connect more nodes and more users to the gateway
  • Reduces the need for contingency planning due to service failure or dropped links
  • The ability to enable gateway-to-gateway communication leading to faster convergence
  • Seamless, auto gateway failover
  • Replicate in-office, desktop experience and simplified access while in the field




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Mobile IP is a standard, defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC, which allows users to keep the same IP address, stay connected, and maintain ongoing applications while roaming between IP networks.