Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP)

Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) technology augments two-way radio communications vs telephone calls used in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). From the system point of view, it is essentially VoIP with PTT (Push To Talk). At least one node of the network is a radio (or a radio with an IP interface device) connected via IP to other nodes in the radio network. But the other nodes can range from POTS telephones to software applications, like Skype, running on a PC. RoIP can be a cost-effective technology used to extend communications over a large geographic area, and to support the use of many base station users. This technology is currently deployed in multiple industries including public safety, disaster relief, emergency response, energy/utilities, and the military.

Additional RoIP benefits:

  • Cheaper than the traditional microwave and leased telephone lines
  • Interoperable with multiple devices because once any device whether radio, telephone, computer, or PDA is made part of the voice network enabled by IP, it is irrelevant what type of technology it utilizes

Source: Wikipedia

MissionMobility embeds and/or integrates RoIP technology and gateway devices, such as products made by the company Vocality, into our mobile communication systems.

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