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Mission Mobility at TechNet Asia-Pacific Expo in Honolulu, HIEvent News, November 17-19, 2015: This week, Mission Mobility is exhibiting at TechNet Asia-Pacific Expo in Honolulu, HI; it is a fantastic event! Mission Mobility is at booth #510 demonstrating mobile communications equipment which is used by DoD, VIPs, small teams operating in remote areas, disaster
relief, COOP, and related harsh environments where power is at a premium.

About TechNet Asia-Pacific
Now in its 30th year, TechNet Asia-Pacific is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and AFCEA Hawaii. It is the largest event in the Pacific Rim focusing on regional defense issues. Keynote speakers, panel moderators and panelists will discuss defense policies and challenges in the Asia-Pacific region and their relevance to both Industry and Government.

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