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ExporTech, a national program helping individual companies develop export plans, graduated five local companies during its Virginia debut in November. Through instruction and feedback the ExporTech experts assisted participating executives develop intentional strategies to expand into international markets. Peter Chapman, the Deputy city Manager of Economic & Neighborhood Development, supported the program saying “ExporTech is an important pillar of the Department of Development’s strategy to build an international trade and investment program that is dedicated to meeting the needs of our local companies.”
Mike Smack (Mission Mobility’s President and CEO) with Greg Magnus (President of AIM Custom Media) developed an international export plan for Mission Mobility from the feedback of the ExporTech participants. Mission Mobility was pertinent in the invention of edge tactical networking. In concert with Joint Forces Command in the early 2000’s, Mission Mobility integrated the latest network technologies to enhance joint operations for the Combatant Commanders. Today, the company supports the mission of tactical and GO/VIP users. Now with well-developed plans to expand sales within Germany, Belgium, and South Korea, Mission Mobility is excited for their future in exports.

The first Virginia participants graduating the ExporTech program alongside Mission Mobility include:20151201_163303_resized

Descal a Matic: (Norfolk) Descal-A-Matic provides an effective, non-chemical, environmentally friendly technology for protecting all water systems from dissolved mineral scale and corrosion. All water systems can benefit; from residential to large commercial system.

Grandwatt Electric: (Suffolk) Grandwatt Electric is a global manufacturer of diesel powered portable light towers and diesel and natural gas powered commercial and industrial generators.

Netarus: (Norfolk) Netarus has been developing the latest wireless, video, and sensor technology since 2012; introducing that technology to the marine, industrial, transportation, and construction industries in order to improve safety and productivity.

Paramount Sleep: (Norfolk) Paramount Sleep is an 80-year-old third generation family owned mattress manufacturer whose handcrafted mattress brands are designed to meet sleep and lifestyle needs. Paramount has a long standing reputation as a premier independent supplier of high-quality mattress systems. The company’s products are sold coast to coast and in select countries overseas.

As mentioned in other popular news articles,  Norfolk’s Department of Development has expanded its push to help companies expand international sales through a Global Initiatives Fund providing loans to companies attempting to enter the global marketplace.

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