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You’re stuck between a rock and a hard spot. The word “sequestration” rings in your ears and haunts your dreams. At the same time your command needs to meet the challenges of the mobile enterprise. You are faced with the need to deploy up-to-date communications technologies without spending the kind of funds usually associated. You are not alone.

Mission:Mobility conducted a market research study evaluating the most common challenges DOD commands face as it relates to mobile communications with the goal of offering affordable solutions to those challenges. Based on the results of that study, best practices and best value enhancements were identified to remove or improve current obstacles.

Specific solutions and a recommended roadmap were developed to:

  • Enhance overall system performance.
  • Extend equipment’s useful life.
  • Enhance the user’s experience via practices, and incremental software and hardware upgrades.

This roadmap varies from command to command, but typically begins with proven upgrades at the gateway(s), then mobile kits, followed by overall system-wide best practices for training, system design, and on-site or on-call equipment support that enhance the mobile user’s experience and extend the life of the system.

The goal of this roadmap of improvements is higher performance, expanded connection options, and flexibility with improved security and reliability. The real challenge is doing all of that on a tight budget. Our road map gives organizations the flexibility to implement improvements using either current equipment or new products and ultimately achieves the least cost best option for their mobile communication needs.

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