Key Features

  • Eight switch ports and an intelligent optimizer built in.
  • Dual subscriber identity-module (SIM) support for dual SIM provides for high reliability and cellular multi-homing support for global 3G networks.
  • Executive kit supports storage and power for two KG-250X units.
  • Battery can run without power input for two hours.
  • 10-36VDC input (AC/DC brick, vehicle power or other DC source).


  • Executive aesthetic, single-case system that is lightweight and inconspicuous.
  • Provides bandwidth-optimization, secure IP connectivity for data, voice, and video.
  • Connectivity within minutes from anywhere in the world – via satellite, terrestrial, or 3G/4G cellular, and Wi-Fi wherever available.
  • Expert engineered for deployment flexibility – seamless and reliable transition from battlefield to hotel room in all conditions.
  • A basic unit without antennas weighs just over 5 pounds.