In the aftermath of a natural disaster, or when providing critical assistance to those in need, emergency and aid personnel need to focus on the mission — not on the challenges of remote communications. M:GUARDIAN was designed to provide first responders and remote workers fully autonomous, extremely reliable and cost-efficient voice and secure data connectivity anywhere in the world. Highly rugged and able to operate on multiple power sources or standalone for extended periods of time, M:Guardian delivers sustained phone communications via PSTN and/or private telephone networks, and secure data connectivity to private networks and the Internet.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport, complete system meets airline carry-on restrictions.
  • Simple “plug-and-go” operation.
  • Includes BGAN satellite terminal and four rugged, waterproof phone handsets.
  • Flexible network connectivity options:
    • WAN: terrestrial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite
    • LAN: Ethernet, Wi-Fi (including smart phones)
  • Innovative Power Management for continuous operation
    • internal batteries charge while in use and are “hot-swappable”
    • digital battery status display
    • multiple charging opotions: AC, solar, vehicle battery or cigarette lighter
    • one simple interface charges M:GUARDIAN unit and all accessories
  • Hardened POTS telephone lines that are more reliable than VoIP.
  • Optional radio interoperability