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MissionPoint – Enterprise is more than just an Intelligent Gateway Architecture that revolutionizes the performance, flexibility and security of mobile communications. It is an enterprise solution where components may be added in a building block manor.  The architecture was designed by Mission:Mobility, with support from Cisco, to take advantage of existing architectures and build upon them for a more secure and robust remote communications infrastructure.

The gateway operates at the network layer (Layer 3) of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. The gateway is used when transmitting data packets. When packets are sent over a network, the destination IP address is examined. If the destination IP is outside of the network, then the packet goes to the gateway for transmission outside of the network. A customer may purchase a single rack mounted gateway router to provide their virtual private network (VPN) to their corporate network.  For that singe network the customer may add a router (Home Agent) for Mobile IP from kits to the gateway or another router (Convergence) to link 2 or more gateways.  Data optimization software can be added as well as analog phones or radio over IP appliances.  We take what already exists at a customer site and expand on it to provide a more stable and secure environment.

The intelligent mobile infrastructure allows the greatest throughput of traffic in any transport environment, while meeting the needs of current and future IA considerations.



    • Collapsible Black Core
    • Certificate-Base VPNs (GDOI)
    •  Multi-(SEN ENCLAVE) transport
    •  Mobile Routing
    •  Multi-EIGRP Processes and Filtering
    • Per Session TCP Optimization
    • UDP/RTP Optimization
    • Multi-WAN Failover
    • Multi-Gateway Support
    • Almost instantaneous Gateway Failover
    • Type-I NSA Approved SEN Transport


  • A customer does not have to lose their existing environment in order to implement the mobile architecture.
  • Increases security in many ways, such as establishing secure tunnels and no split tunneling.
  • Boosts performance in several ways, such as automatic tunnel re-establishment with no traffic loss and decreased black holes.
  • Enhances flexibility with the ability to connect up to 16 gateways, seamless movement between gateways and network mediums, and proactive WAN management.