The NOMAD mobile communications suite delivers a complete, secure and portable network.

It supports integrated secure and/or non-secure WAN or LAN wireless capability. Embedded in certain modules are the CISCO® 5915 router, CISCO® ESS-2020, and XipLink® optimization software, representing the highest performing combination on the market. The Server module contains the Intel® Dual Core i5 or Quad Core i7 processor, delivering fast and efficient computing power along with more virtual applications. It also comes with up to (2) removable SSD’s.

The modular, interoperable, and custom-configurable design allows the user(s) to choose any combination or all of the modules, depending on the mission requirements. Both the Power and Two-Battery modules provide extended power to any or all of the modules, as well as external devices. Custom packaging, bracket, and strap options are available.


  • The Server module is a small-scale, mobile data center that allows access to network data storage and cloud applications on the fly.
  • The Baseband and Baseband-RF provide automated WAN failover, which provides seamless data transfer and reduces data loss.
  • XipLink® Intelligent Optimization Software accelerates all traffic, streaming audio and video, all while maximizing bandwidth.
  • PoE and PoE+ options are available on certain modules.
  • The Power module accepts DC power from almost any source, including wind and solar.
  • The Two-Battery module provides 2 extra batteries for extended run time, along with storage for 2 spare batteries.