Mission:Mobility’s WolfPack Series is a lightweight and secure network mobility suite, intended to support small, mobile tactical teams. Designed for harsh environments, the WolfPack Series provides rugged and reliable communications solutions.

The Wolfpack extends secure and managed networks globally, utilizing any communication spectrum available. Its modular configuration ensures scalability to meet the needs of the mission.


  • Ruggedized design provides a reliable, robust, mobile, lightweight solution of 24 lbs.
  • Various carrying /packaging configurations.
  • Available DC output can be used for multitude of external peripherals, including encryption devices and CDMA WAN devices.
  • Supports power for external accessories simultaneously.
  • Lithium Ion batteries provide up to 2.4 hours of runtime and provides an Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS) capability.
  • Standard configuration provides 7 accelerated (SCPS) client user ports (including 2 PoE for peripheral devices, such as VoIP phones) and 4 router interface ports (configurable for multiple transmission paths simultaneously per enclave.
  • Cisco Embedded Service 2020 Series Switches (ESS 2020 Series) provide highly secure data, voice, and video capabilities to stationary and mobile network nodes.


  • High mobility in tactical environments.
  • Scalable with system configurations on the fly.
  • Can be packaged/carried in rucksack (backpack) configurations for tactical environments or configured in commercial luggage (carry-on) for covert operations.
  • Provides user-friendly onboard web server tools for baseband router management.