Mobile Electronics Design

Mobile Electronics Design:

Mobile Communications Requirements Development- Mission:Mobility has helped many customers define their unique requirements and tailor solutions for their needs. We can assist in technology review, phased planning and roadmap development for affordable, incremental mobile communications capability upgrades.  Every customer’s mobile communication network needs are different, which is why our expert Design and Network Engineers build, install, service and test customized network solutions, from the hardware, to the case it comes in, and the gateway(s) itself. We give our customers numerous options at various price points because one solution may not meet all requirements.  Combinations may include power only solutions, packaging solutions, ruggedization, and other switch, firewall, router, server, power and other capabilities.

Examples of hardware/kit options:

  • Number of WAN, LAN, and USB ports
  • No PoE, PoE, or PoE+
  • WAN Optimization/Acceleration software
  • PC or no PC
  • Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi

Examples of technology enhancements/upgrades:

  • Enable auto-WAN failover via Mobile IP (multiple WAN links required)
  • Integrate VoIP and/or RoIP technology/devices
  • Deploy a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET)
  • Deploy a wireless mesh network

A wide variety of end user devices (i.e. radios, tablets, laptops) and peripheral appliances (i.e. Satellite terminals, video encoder/decoder) can be integrated with our mobile communication kits to extend your network.

Custom Case Design-from soft to rugged that meet carry on and checked baggage requirements, we’ll build what you need.

Mobile Network Design, Training and On-Call Support

Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in networking and in mobile communications can assess your existing enterprise and/or mobile network architecture and then make technology enhancement recommendations based on your specific needs.  Whether you have existing equipment, bought a Mission:Mobility brand name product or had Mission:Mobility custom design one for you, Mission:Mobility can design/improve the network for your products.

Mission:Mobility can also provide training on Mission:Mobility or other equipment on-site, via distance learning or simply off-site providing designs, diagrams, architectures and training manuals.  Mission:Mobility can provide 24/7 on-call support for existing or Mission:Mobility brand or custom made products when customers purchase M:MissionCare which can be provided in hourly blocks of time via a funded “level of effort” and include:

  • On-site Training- Regular training ensures all communicators, especially new personnel, are well versed in system operation and prepared to troubleshoot issues in the field.
  • Operational Set-Up and Support- With many customers, Mission:Mobility participates in the planning, preparation, and execution of on-site or off-site set-up and training.
  • Mobile Communications Architecture and Systems Assessment- Mission:Mobility specializes in mobile network design, configuration and installation of enterprise gateways and mobile communication systems to deliver optimal communications at the network edge. Working closely with our customers, our SMEs identify areas of concern and improvement.

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