Custom Sourcing & Packaging

Custom sourcing and packaging is one of Mission:Mobility’s top value-add services. Regardless of the requirements of hardware and/or software needed, Mission:Mobility has the resources to identify the most cost effective vendor(s) to supply all parts and services needed to complete any custom sourcing and packaging requirement. Once Mission:Mobility has identified all pieces and parts, we will source, package, and ship worldwide to save you time and money. Mission:Mobility makes the extra effort to ensure everything needed is on time and at the best price. All of the ordering, delivery, sourcing, packaging, and shipping takes place in-house at our 10,000 square foot warehouse in Chesapeake, VA. This meticulous operation allows us to take full responsibility and ownership of all tasks, and gives our customers peace of mind.

Each customer’s needs are unique, ranging from custom casing with advanced cooling features to rack- mounted systems. Below are examples of various levels, from basic to complex, of custom sourcing and packaging projects Mission:Mobility has completed for various DoD and DoS customers.

  • Custom designed, sourced multiple products into one complete solution, M:Responder for the U.S. Department of State.
  • Custom designed, sourced and packaged components, M:INS for the AT&T MoraleSat program supporting the U.S. Marine Corps Community Services.
  • Custom designed case for a large ARMY application using a 3D CAD design to support 8 Dell ATG 6430 ruggedized laptops, 5 headsets, 2 Cameras, 2 Cisco IP phones, 1 six port managed switch, and an Assortment of power and data cables.
  • Designed a specialized case to house 1 laptop, 1 BGAN phone, 1 printer, 1 solar blanket, and an assortment of power and data cables to allow for an “on the move” business application.
  • Developed a data mining and retrieving case that allowed for 2 BGANs, 2 Laptops, 2 phones, 1 BGAN bonding device, 1 KG250X and multiple power and data cables to allow for the retrieval and submission of sensitive information to and from the battle field.
  • Custom designed a self-cooling half rack mounted case for the use of up to 12 Mission:Mobility routers, switches, servers, and power modules to support up to 200 users on multiple enclaves with self-sustaining power.
  • Designed, configured, mounted, stored, packaged and shipped over 105 Storage Area Networks (SAN) racks systems that were integrated into hospitals networks all over the world.