Mission:Mobility has lead the market on user centric, solution focused designs of rugged networking and communications equipment. Making these units smaller and more manageable for over a decade, we have an abundance of experience supporting your communications and networking needs in the harshest environments.

Mission:Mobility specializes in IT infrastructure integration services, as well as manufacturing reliable, mobile communication solutions for:

  • Mobile Executive Communications
  • Mobile Team Communications
  • Mobile Event Communications
  • Continuity of Operations

with secure end-to-end networks able to operate in harsh environments where connectivity and power are at a premium.

Mission:Mobility solutions have been essential in missions ranging from multi-national operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to disaster relief in support of recent earthquakes in Nepal and the continuity of these networks to remain connected to their enterprise. The company’s products and services are fully exportable to global markets including:

  • Defense
  • Disaster Relief
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Agriculture

Mission:Mobility services are also available for IT installation, data center optimization and expanded organizational mobility via Wi-Fi and Cellular systems.