Mobile Team Communications

Mission:Mobility’s mobile communication systems are designed for tactical teams who need seamless, reliable, secure, and interoperable communications whether in the field, office or hotel. Our small, lightweight, and powerful systems are easy to transport, set up, and use because teams must spend their valuable time on completing critical missions, not on managing equipment.

Continuous communication is also vital, which is why our equipment has multiple, robust self-powering and expandable battery options. Radios, phones, tablets, satellite antennas, and other devices can easily integrate with our products in order to extend the network. 

  • Small teams – Rugged, mobile communications systems that are easily deployed in any austere environment.
  • Mid-Large size teams – Modules can be combined to create a mobile Tactical Operations Center (TOC) in your office, automobile, hotel, boat or in the field for up to 100+ users via LAN or wireless connections.
    • M:NOMAD